Wireless Backhaul for Wi-Fi is Here
Using 60 GHz (& You Can Sell It)

Extend Your Public Wi-Fi or Campus Area Network Offerings
Roundtable: Multi-Gigabit Wireless Backhaul Delivers Fiber-Like Speeds for a Fraction of the Price

September 23 @ 8 am PST

Partners Can Do More With 60 GHz

Incorporate Wi-Fi backhaul into your service offering; how 60 GHz makes for stellar campus area networks

Wireless Broadband

How 802.11ay makes wireless broadband competitive

60 GHz 101

Why should we care about 802.11ay?

Director of Product Management
Cambium Networks

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There is a lot of potential for 60 GHz and we want to help identify what 60 GHz can do and where the opportunities lie. Don't miss out!

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September 23 @ 8 am PST

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